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"Hi Eileen, attached are images of me dressed in my Toesteesocks outfit. The temperature was -21 degrees and off and on snowing. Only my finger tips were cold, We need to talk about making photographer's gloves. If I go on another trip like this I will certainly order additional pieces to add to this outfit. I loved it!"

       -Linda W. 2015 Yellowstone- Puyallup, WA 98374

"The socks you send me were INCREDIBLE. During the coldest Iditarod anyone racing today remembers, my feet never got cold. Temperatures the first week of the race fluctuated between -20F and -60F. we don't bother counting windchill here. My feet were warmer than they've ever been. I used the green stretch sock as the bottom layer, like you recommended, with the black sock over it. then I had a wiggy's lamilite - a synthetic insulation - bootie / sock over them, all in a felted wool boot and a NEOS overboot. I had wool socks of the type I normally wear in drop bags at every checkpoint. never touched them. your socks performed so much better under the rest of the layers than multi-layered wool socks. and my feet felt extremely dry the whole race as well. comfort made for a happy driver, as I spent seven full days outdoors with only brief inside time in those socks."

       -Lev S. 2015 Iditarod- Willow, Alaska 99688

"I recently completed a 22 day, 2400km mountain bike adventure race and used your windbloc lobster claw mittens during the race. I had spent a lot of time looking for a product where only the main finger was separate and was really happy when I found your products. They seemed bulky though and it was still a last minute decision whether to take them or not. I finally used them on the third morning of the race where the temperature was about -10C and my fingers had gone numb in regular windbloc winter cycling gloves. Within 30 minutes of putting on your gloves my fingers were warm and toasty. From that point on your gloves were the only ones I used and I can't tell you how impressed I was with them. I have recommended them to people I met on the race and have ordered a second pair for myself, and another pair for a lady I was racing with who has poor circulation in her hands. I'm sure your gloves will help. I wanted to drop you this quick note to let you know how much I appreciated those gloves. They ended up being, without a doubt, my most valued piece of equipment, so thanks!"

       -Liehann L. -Mountain View, California 94040

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for my wonderful Polartec robe ! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Toesteesocks to everyone !! After my ancient fleece robe gave out, I went on a search to replace it - something I didn't think would be possible. Thankfully I found the Toesteesocks website. I phoned Eileen and, after speaking with her and describing my needs, I knew I had found the right place. Eileen helped me custom design a Polartec robe just the way I wanted it. The workmanship on the robe is superb, the fit is perfect and shows expert attention to detail. With quality and care in every stitch, I'm sure that this robe will outlive me. I can't say enough about this company, its wonderful customer service and their quality products."

       -Betty D. - Mill Valley, California 94941

"I LOVE TOESTEESOCKS!!!!!!! and I especially love this website. I ALWAYS get an immediate response when I place an order, and my product ALWAYS arrives in the time promised. the customer service is beyond amazing...the staff is so helpful and knowledgeable. I've been ordering from this site since 2005, and I've never been disappointed. I will forever be a life long customer. 5 stars!!! (or maybe 10)"

       -Megan S. - West Palm Beach, Florida 33406

"I have a dear friend who, because of certain health problems, has enormous feet and ankles. Just as a shot in the dark I contacted Eileen at Toesteesocks and asked if it would be possible to make him a pair of custom socks. She was so terrific. The socks are fabulous and he is able to keep his feet warm. I consider her a friend and we are customers for life!"

       -Jan O. - Independence, CA 93526

"My wife suffers from peripheral neuropathy and her feet become extremely cold during the winter. We had been trying to find a non-wool sock that would keep her feet warm in the winter and that could be worn over an inner sock. I was delighted to discover that the Toesteesocks company would custom-make socks of genuine Polartec fabric. Ms. Rogers provided measuring instructions so that she could make a pattern, and the results were perfect! I recommend Ms. Rogers and her company very highly for an outstanding custom product and excellent customer service."

       -Leonard D. - Indianapolis, IN 46220

"I received my robe and it fits perfectly. I love & it was so good to see you again at the Puyallup Xmas show. Hope to see you next year. I love the leggings. We are just getting over a snow 12-18 inches & ice storm. Many have been out of power 7 days now. I wore the leggings every day. Thank you so much!"

       -Carol A. C. - Auburn, WA 98003

"For the last 6 years, my custom wardrobe all made of this amazing fabric has allowed me to go around town, to church, etc...and be comfortable and warm.I have crew neck shirts, pants, skirts, jackets, vests. All of them are fashionably designed to intermingle and I love it! I would wear my "Eileen Gear" 24/7 if I could. Thak you Eileen for creating my hunting gear and a wardrobe that fit appropriately and look classy while keeping me warm."

       -Judith P. - Enumclaw, WA

"Our Custom Clothing from head to toe has kept both of us warm and very comfortable during our trip to Antarctica. It is a must to have the proper clothing and Eileen has done an excellent job in customizing the different layers we needed.We have enjoyed our trip and plan on going again because we now have all our proper clothing we could not have found anywhere else. Thanks Eileen!"

       -Gail and Dick P. - Puyallup, WA 98374

"I went scuba diving last Saturday and wore my Powerstretch socks made by Toestee Socks. My feet were blissfully unaware of the 52 degree (F) water that I was immersed in for over an hour. I will often layer them for diving, under or over another fleece sock or bootie, and this is the perfect combination for our chilly Pacific Northwest Waters, particularly in the fall and winter.
Here’s to warm toes while scuba diving!"

       -Valerie Lyttle - PADI Open Water, Scuba Instructor, DAN Instructor, EFR Instructor, PNW Advanced Assessment Team

"I wear several Toestee Wear items I purchased from the 2005 Anacortes Oyster Run. All are of top-notch quality. A Windskarph is essential riding gear in my opinion. I wear it in all but the warmest weather to prevent chafing on my neck from the collar of my leather jacket and pull it up onto my face in colder weather to counter the chill."

       -Kerry H - Vancouver, BC

"We were a little nervous about shopping online, but through the comprehensive Web Site we were able to get exactly the right fit."

       -Jeff and Marsha Odett - Royal Oaks Michigan

"I just love Toestee Socks products, they are very well made. I wear the socks, pants and shirt in place of a long underwear and I stayed warm on my trike trip and on my job when it gets so cold."

       -Linda Whobrey - Puyallup, Washington

"I just want to let you know that the Power Stretch One-Piece Suit I custom ordered fits nice and snug, the workmanship is totally excellent. Thank you in helping me decide to go with a custom fit, the “Catsuit” will do great under my ski suit and I can’t wait to go skiing in Colorado."

       -Priscillo Campos - Austin Texas

"There are two happy people that got a new Windbloc fleece Anorak Jacket with all the features she was looking for plus some she had not....and another because you made a great surprise possible. Needless to say the quality and design of you hooded jacket was first class. My wife couldn't say enough good about it ( she sews) and she really liked the colors too. We could not be happier with it and would like to offer ourselves as a reference if you ever need one. It was FUN doing business with you. Thanks!"

       -Art Dresser - Bath, Maine

"You rep was here in Anchorage Alaska for the Sportsman show around three years ago and at that time bought a Polartec sleeping bag insert. I also bought a jacket of the same material. They have perform way beyond any expectations! This insert has literally save my life on two occasions while hunting in the mountains the weather turned real ugly, rain, sleet and snow all within a matter of hours. If you still have this item, please let me know, I would like to buy some more. Again, you have a VERY fantastic product, and I always do my show and tell ! My hunting bud at first made fun of my bag, and because of the less than "manly" color and pattern he named it " Sal's Faggy Baggie." That night however, the temperatures dropped drastically and let me tell you, I was as toastie as a bug in a rug while my bud could not get enough warmth in his sleeping bag."

       -Sal Estrada - Anchorage, Alaska

"I live in Western Massachusetts where the winters are always challenging, this year is perhaps the coldest I have experienced. I have attempted for years to find a really warm and yet stylish robe which I could put at any time and feel luxurious. It was only when I found your site and saw that purple robe, that I knew I had found "the one" (like first love). I have always tried to conserve fuel and this robe has not disappointed me, I wear it daily in the winter and actually look forward to coming home knowing I can change into my special robe and be totally comfie).In fact I have ordered a second one in another color so I can have a change off. Your site and your robe are a warm fashion blessing to us who are always striving to be warm enough without looking like a brightly colored beached whale."

       -Natalie J. - Williamstown, MA

"For Christmas 2008 I wanted to purchase a Polartec robe for my wife. I searched the internet and ToesteeSocks is the only one I could find. Eileen was a pleasure to work with. Like most men sewing is not my forte. Eileen sent me specific instructions about how to measure what she needed. We spoke several times on the phone as Eileen coached me through gathering the information. The robe arrived in plenty of time for Christmas and was a big hit. Thank you Eileen for your patience. Your work is outstanding. My wife wears the robe every day."

       -Al Johnson - Hect Realty,NC

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